Paella catering dish

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The one that thinks he’s boss!

ROLE: Chief organiser, answerable to the real boss!

Not one for shouting it from the rooftops but Andy has had a pretty enjoyable & privileged life…. spending quite a few years looking after and spending many days and nights with the likes of P Diddy, Mick Jagger, Sienna Miller, Simon LeBon, Guy Laliberte, Kevin Spacey, Kate Moss, Pete Tong, Guy Laliberte, Jamie Oliver, Princesses Eugiene & Beatrice, Wayne Rooney, numerous musicians including Snow Patrol, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, Boy George & many of the financial elite, (plus the ones he isn’t allowed to talk about!) so we really do know how to look after people!

During the many years spent in Ibiza, his love of paella achieved dizzy heights due to spending much of his relaxation time (waiting for the above clients to make a move!) learning from some of the best Spanish chefs, flown in specifically to cook up culinary delights for the boss & his/her entourage of followers!

The one that is the boss!

ROLE: Waiting staff leader, friendly face, master of calm!

Debbie helps keep all the wheels in motion & ensures the smooth running of our business. Her organisational skills are second to none & her credits include P Diddy’s birthday bash & literally dragging Mr Spacey out of his bed to get him on his chartered Learjet! (she wasn’t in the bed as well!)

Debbie’s warm & friendly personality helps to relax all concerned & with the help of the rest of team, ensures all goes smoothly on the day.

Front of House

ROLE: Event Planner, organiser, front of house, waiting staff

Dina achieved a degree in Tourism Management, Event & Conference Planning … and it shows! Dina will ensure the smooth running of your wedding/party.

With an eye for detail, Dina loves to take care of any additional requirements on the big day.

Dina is fluent in Spanish!

 Cool, calm & collective

ROLE: Paella caterer, waiting staff, bar staff

Josh is (almost) as good as Andy when it comes to making paella. Actually, he’s so good that they work side by side. He never tires!

Josh is equally calm & collective and nothing phases him. He has achieved numerous qualifications in Event Management & Tourism, and is critical to the success of Buen Apetito, to date!

Josh is fluent in Spanish!

The smart one

ROLE: Bar/Waiting staff

Johnny loves to get stuck in and takes care of drink duties/bar where required.

Our little waitress!

ROLE: Waiting staff

Natasha is a happy, cheerful spirit with the ability to keep things moving and ensures speed of service. Tash likes to take care of all the little but very important elements of our service.

Tash is dedicated to service and has a number of years experience working as a waitress.

Tash is fluent in Spanish!

Many more staff

ROLES: Chefs, waiting staff & bar staff

We have numerous dedicated staff, all are experienced in their respective roles for our services!

Each are hand picked and have been carefully selected to ensure that we maintain our highly rated testimonials!

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