Jon & Caroline – 23rd September 2017 – 4 Courses – Table Service

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Of all the professional services we booked, or researched, for our wedding, Andy and Debbie at Buen Apetito were by far the easiest, most professional, flexible and accommodating.

When they say nothing is too much trouble, it really isn’t but unlike others, it doesn’t all come at additional cost. We had a budget, Buen Appetito respected that and worked within it. They came out and cooked for us in advance of the booking. Debbie prepared sample canapes and Andy cooked paella for seven of us. This was not the easiest seven either. A father-in-law who was a little reticent and not a lover of “foreign” food, a 15 year old whose favourite dish is paella, a 7 year old who at the time only really liked sausages, a fiancee who can be a little fussy and a fiance that likes to think he can point out where master chefs go wrong were all amongst the group. Seven empty plates told its own story!

We chose our favourite canapes (not an easy choice because so many tasted, and looked fantastic) and opted for a paella marisco (seafood) and a paella valenciana (chicken and chorizo) along with a vegetarian paella and our favourite desserts, again a difficult choice due to all the delicious options.

We barely knew that Andy and Debbie were around as they set up their prep area on Friday since they just got on with their own thing amongst the chaos surrounding them. The are totally self sufficient and put absolutely no demands on us for anything.

On the day they were all set up and ready to cook on the dance floor in front of our guests. The three huge paella pans on display and smartly presented staff. Despite our best efforts at keeping to a time schedule the photographs over ran. Andy happily delayed cooking by 30 minutes to ensure that the food was cooked to perfection for when we sat down.

Service was swift and efficient, (nothing worse than being the last table to be served having waited an age) and there was enough for everyone to go back for seconds, even thirds in some cases and it was all delicious. There was nothing left over bar one small portion of vegetarian paella and all our guests commented on how fantastic everything was. The evening buffet was equally sumptuous although we perhaps didn’t need quite as much as we ordered, due to the paella having been such a hit.

All in all, Buen Apetito were the consummate professionals but also the loveliest, most helpful people to deal with.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Andy and Debbie to anyone. Buen Apetito!!